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About Us

Pula Matsaung is the founder of Avancoi Coaching Academy, Life Coach, TV Presenter, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator & Behavior Skills Specialist.

Corporate events topics

Attaining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Power of Positive Thinking & Talk
Self Confidence & Self Belief
Individual vs Organizational Values
Conflict Management
Behaviour & Organizational Change
Effective Workforce & Teams
Managing Teams
Management & Leadership in New Millennium

Certified, Qualified and Practices as:

  • Life Coach
  • NLP Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapist Practitioner
  • Time Line healing Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Time Quintessence Practitioner

A word from the coach

What you can be and achieve has no limits. I choose to believe that my ability to revamp my life and produce results that I want while generating value for others around me lies within my reach. There is no greatness without the passion to be great. This, as well as the power to transform and live our lives to the highest of dreams, lies within all of us.

My area of mastery is Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Change. I specialise in various coaching techniques while also being highly skilled and knowledgeable in emotional mastery and therapy.

In the years that I’ve been practicing I have coached and trained many woman and manĀ from different walks of life across South Africa.

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